Arlene: Germany

In May 2016 ZNM-together strong e.V. and the Myotubular Trust held a three day Family Conference for people affected by centronuclear and myotubular myopathy in Niedernhausen near Frankfurt. (For more information about the organisations and the conference visit the ZNM and Myotubular Trust websites. You can also read about the conference in The Information Point newsletter Our World).


Arlene, one of the organisers of the conference, requested seeds to give away as a small gift at the end of the 2016 conference, saying:

The last conference day was also Mothers Day and we thought, that it would be nice to hand a small present to all the mothers and families at the conference. Sunflower seeds from The Big Sunflower Project seemed to be just the thing to share.

Toni sent me 50 packages with seeds and we wrapped them with some ribbon a piece of chocolate and the business card. It was a great success and from our conference the seeds travel to several European States, to the US and Canada.


My mum and I planted our seeds right after the conference and all but two seeds became wonderful flowers. We reserved this one planting pot to be our ‘sunflower pot’, adding new soil we use it every year. In fall we harvested lots of seed. There will be enough to not only replant seeds in our sunflower pot but to also plant some outside where they will be a wild life hiding place in the summer and a feeding place in the winter.

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