Milford Pre School Plus

Milford Pre School Plus took part in The Big Sunflower Project in 2016. Below school teacher Sarah shares her story about taking part in The Big Sunflower Project.

I feel passionate about children being involved in gardening and learning all about growing from an early age, it’s something they are naturally interested in and so learn new skills quickly.

These skills include carefully planting one sunflower seed, watering it and potting on so we can give the roots more room. We then plant them out into our lovely allotment where they join lots of fruits, vegetables and wild flowers, all grown by our young children.

Our children love growing sunflowers, as they grow fast and the flowers are beautiful. We also enjoy picking out the seeds to feed our resident sparrows.

I was keen to support The Big Sunflower Project, as we are lucky to have supportive parents who take on experiences they can share with their children and grow them at home. I sent information with each seed in its pot to enable parents to read up on the project too and we had lots of photos of the sunflowers growing at home to share.



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