Sue (Derby)

I have been taking part in the The Big Sunflower Project  since it started in 2011. I cannot remember how I found out about it – possibly through a link from another website. I had never heard of myotubular myopathy until I read Toni’s personal story and then went on to read many other inspiring accounts from across the world.

Here in Derby I’ve grown many different varieties, some with seeds kindly sent to me by the project and some with seeds I have purchased myself.   My flowers have flourished with abundance over the years. Sadly this summer, due to the hot weather they did not do as well but I did still got some lovely blooms.

Each year when planting the seeds in their pots and tenderly looking after them, I wonder what they will look like in my garden and always enjoy watering and checking on their progress, most days indoors, until they can be put outside when the warmer weather starts.

The stories that others post on Facebook are always inspiring, whether it be about their own condition or about the sunflowers they are growing. Thank  you for allowing me to participate each year, I look forward to 2019.