Nasreen and The Friends of Vale Park: Portslade

A few seeds arrive in the post and cheer me up right from the start .. hope is a wonderful thing.

It seems like I planted 100 or more, straight into the ground and pots, with children and old of all ages,  at groups in children centre, making seed bombs with scouts, in the park, in people’s homes, at our local corner shop, in cracks along the wall.

I walked with seeds in my pocket and then they popped up! Time for nurturing and protecting .. wind and slugs and weed killer man from the council were watched by me!

The plugs gave me pleasure and a topic to talk about with strangers along the way.  Soon everyone was involved in watching hoping and protecting! An army of sunflower watchers!

And then they bloomed! Some tall, some red, some short, some multi heads.

And now it’s time to draw smiley faces in them .. and messages in larger heads! Like hope.

Seeds are collected wrapped up for next year .. some given to birds. Thank you for sharing the sunflowers to promote awareness. You spread smiles as well as awareness. x


To learn more about the Friends of Vale Park, visit their website below.

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