Herne Bay Infant School

Herne Bay Infant School took part in The Big Sunflower Project in 2016. Below school teacher Lois shares her story about taking part in The Big Sunflower Project.

I first heard of the project in 2015 and really wanted to participate to raise awareness of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy.

We had a circle time with the children to celebrate that everybody is different and that’s what makes us an individual.  We then explained that some people need extra help and support from others.

We discussed things that we are grateful of such as speech and being mobile, which sometimes we take for granted. We celebrated how we are different from each other but also our similarities.

The children helped plant the seeds and we discussed what they needed in order to grow, the children loved the responsibility of watering the sunflowers and monitoring their progress by measuring and talking about the differences.

Sunflower grown at Herne Bay Infant School.

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