Hazlehurst Studios

Hazlehurst Studios is situated in the heart of Runcorn and houses artists with expertise in a range of disciplines including photography, textiles and printmaking. In 2014 the studios worked with the town development team and Halton Borough Council’s Arts Development team to encourage community groups, schools and residents to come together and create a garden on the high street with the aim of brightening and raising the profile of the area as somewhere people care about, as well as passing on some of the valuable skills of art and flower planting, to name a few. Recycling was also a key part of the project, with groups using tins as plant pots, which they painted in bright colours and designs.

The Studios were enthusiastic participants growing an amazing number of sunflowers and also helping promote The Big Sunflower Project in a number of ways including sharing their photos on Facebook and Twitter and running an adoption scheme for the sunflowers they grew.

Alden and sunflowers

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